Thursday, March 11, 2010

Almost There...

Hey! Sorry I've fallen off the Blog Wagon. Been so busy in process and you know.... Updates:

1) We've settled on a name for our hermaphroditic apartment, J.B. Tailor. Thanks for your imput. J.B. for significant initials in our lives and Tailor since once the reno. is over, it will have been "tailor-made." (Thanks "C")

2) Looking forward to updating this blog with before/after photos once it's complete. Almost all painted, kitchen floor is in , kitchen cabinets in, icestone template was measured today and every day my life consists of running around here, there and everywhere.

3) We move in less than three weeks and I am happy to report how "ready" we are. I was afraid I'd feel separation anxiety and in fact, feel quite the opposite. This apartment has literally come to life before our eyes and we are both excited for the next chapter.