Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Green - Pay it forward

Something wonderful happened today. I saw, in action, the power that bettering yourself has on others. Today I met with our contractor (I'm gonna refer to him as Stud) and our kitchen "designer" (I'm gonna refer to her as Babe) from the Green Depot. (www.greendepot.com) It was great to have these two meet after several trips in person and what seems like hours of emails and phonecalls. There we were, the three stooges, in this naked "please love me" kitchen. One thing led to another and...before I knew it, Stud was asking Babe about green design and is asking for her card as more & more folks are asking about going green! Babe was asking him for his card as they are always looking for contractors excited about going green...Hooray! Just last week Stud had never even heard of Green Depot. Just last week, Babe was looking at me not at all sure I was even serious. And now, not only are they helping us fulfill our goal, they will likely work together again with more and more Greenies! Ahhhhhh....

It was also thrilling to have them both love the samples I had painstakingly chosen. Earlier, I qualified Babe in quotes as my kitchen "designer" as she is implementing what I've asked for but deep breath, drumroll..... I designed our kitchen friends! I hope you like it as much as we do when it's finished. One of these days I will post before/after photos. Here's a taste though, the color scheme vibe, if you will, is wine meets fog. We can't wait.

PS - a plea: please love me through my anxiety folks and reassurances are welcome. It was super scary today to write our contractor the first big deposit check. It amounts to half the final cost which will inevitably be more than currently stated. We hope we're not biting off more than we can chew but we continually remind ourselves, the cost of not doing it this way...is higher. And as a friend of mine once said - "We're cats. We always land our feet."

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  1. You are not biting off too much. You are remarkably reasonable and you will land on your feet.