Monday, January 25, 2010


Hooray! As of January 25, 2010 I am happy to report we are cleared for take off! Yup, we correctly predicted the month of January would be a wash just getting through the red tape to get started with the reno. but thankfully, we're still well ahead of schedule.

Tomorrow afternoon I will be meeting with our contractor and our cabinet lady from "Green Depot." They're both gonna come with lots of forms and contracts and I better come with lots of checks and credit cards. Ooof. Basically, I've picked out the manufacturer of cabinets (local baby - more expensive than the ones from Indiana but LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL - that was our goal) and given her measurements. She is coming to confirm with the big bad contractor man that mine & her measurements are correct. You know...cuz....we're girls ;)

The Superintendent needs 7 days notice (technically) to prepare for any large item removal and to begin the work at all. Who knows? Maybe we can start sooner. BUT I have next Monday February 1st as D-Day. This gives all parties involved a chance to get ready. For example, we have to move accumulated crap from the new place (pillows, blankets, tools, etc) back to our "second home" and write out notes to our neighbors to prepare them for Armageddon. That should go well? Fingers crossed. I'm gonna be positive but I am bracing myself for the furrowed brow of hate.

I am also awaiting an estimate from the quarry place we researched upstate. We got our slate floor samples and actually seeing the colors was a tremendous help. I hope it gets here soon as Mama needs to order! The floors, after all, need to be done before the kitchen cabinets and appliances move in. Should be fine though. The cabinets alone are about a 5 weekturnaround. The entire project (so the contractor tells us) should be 4- 5 weeks so if we order THIS week and start work NEXT week - we're right on schedule.

Phew. Lots to coordinate and still have time to sit on my A$$. Thanks for reading. More to come!


  1. Don't fear the notifying process. The one neighbor who bothered to answer the door when I came around to tell them we were doing our work turned out to be very friendly. The other neighbors never even bothered to contact us at any time.

  2. Thanks Chris. Phew. Good to know. Just odd to be new & have to renovate with no choice not to. All one wants to do at this stage is ingratiate one's self but "hope you don't mind the sledge hammer above your head - LET'S HANG OUT!" :) Thanks.