Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Life and Posting is Process

Hello reader! I am....not even at all sure I want to type this. What's the hesitation? Fear I suspect. Fear of failure. Fear of not keeping up with blogging which relates back to point one - fear of failure. Fear of judgement. Fear that public opinion will have a morsel into what is a very personal, precious moment in mine and my husband's lives. Our first home.

That's a bit inaccurate. We have rented our first home as a married couple for nearly six years. But this is our first purchased home as in...we own it. Holy Shit. Our goal: to renovate this gem of an apartment ethically. This little sweetie has been untended in decades. We like to say, he/she (we're not sure if it's a boy or a girl) needs not work, but love. We not only want to renovate but we want to make sure it is done in an eco-friendly manner as in, locally and sustainably.

As my husband said in post numero uno on January 1st - we are buying the products as much as possible from local non-chain vendors. We know this will cost more than if we just bought a pre-fab kitchen from the Home Depot and all but the cost of not doing it this way when we know better, is higher. Not only is it an investment in our souls but practically, an investment in our futures. If we ever sell, we know we'll make a great return not only for an eye appealing reno. but for being "green." Unless you have your head in the sand, you might have heard about the end of peak oil and climate change.

So...I will keep you posted if not daily, as I feel inspired. 'Til then, I leave you (and myself) with a vote. I think our new gender-free hermaphroditic home needs a name.
Please Vote - posted in alphabetical order:

J.B. (as in J.B. Priestly or J.B. Fletcher)
Sidney (*disqualified as the name of an ex)


  1. Let's try this again...
    I believe I voted for the name J.B. because it creates strikes the perfect balance - comfy and cozy, yet gender neutral. Plus, it could stand for fun things like Just Bliss or Jacked Bathroom depending on how the renovations are going...

  2. Funny, I voted for J.B. for what the initials stand for in our lives but then my pal C.H. voted for Taylor saying when we're thru the apartment will have been "taylor made" :)

  3. Let me know if you need help with the lighting!! LED is great for efficiency, however "local" will be tough as most are made in China, even if they appear to be sold by a local company, I've got my ear to the ground for you....Stephanie :)

  4. I love this and I am going to follow your blog obsessively now.

    Personally, I think you should just accept that your new digs are a strong woman and name her Kirsten in honor of, well, me (or the other Kirsten above!). or Laverne. Your choice.